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Day 100 of #100HappyDays … Doing something I love (photography) while representing my alma mater (Texas A&M University) which I also love, and all for a great cause (CASA Nashville). I call this a 100% happy day.

Day 99 of #100HappyDays … I picked up my promotional postcards to hand out at the golf tournament tomorrow. I’m so excited and nervous. It just make it all so much more real. Go like my page on Facebook, please! #photographer #dowhatyoulove

Day 98 of #100happydays … Date night with my husband before bus call. 💕😘 (at Mirko Pasta Nashville)

Day 97 of #100happydays … Reunited with my husband for less than 24 hours. But I have a perms-grin right now! (at The Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar)

Day 96 of #100HappyDays … So proud of my friend Ryan Olson. It was awesome to attend his CD release party.

Day 95 of #100HappyDays… Treated myself to a new anklet today. I couldn’t pass up the cross! Love it.

Day 94 of #100happydays … Rocked my #SavePrintersAlley T-shirt to work tonight. (at Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar)

Day 93 of #100happydays … Went downtown first thing this afternoon to be interviewed by News 2 about the #SavePrintersAlley movement. It meant waiting to get my daily coffee until after everything was done. This was worth the wait! #photofy #photofyapp
@photofyapp (at CREMA)

Day 92 of #100happydays … I’m determined to #EatAtHome every day my husband is on the road. I cooked twice today! But my supper was the most epic thing ever. #photofy

Day 91 of #100happydays … Completed my entry to the July Self-Portrait Challenge: Silhouettes on G+. I’m really happy with how this one turned out.